Privacy Statement

When you visit and use the Website, sign up for and use an Account or contact us in relation to the Website, we process personal data as described below. Within the meaning of the Dutch Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegvens) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is the data controller (verantwoordelijke) in relation to the processing of personal data via and in relation the Website. is also referred to here with we/us/our.

For definitions – indicated with a capital – and further details of please be referred to our Terms [].

1. What data do we process?

1.1. Your input: We process data that you enter on the Website e.g. when requesting a newsletter; using an online contact form; ordering a Service; making payments or amending your data in the Account.

1.2. Contacting us: When you contact us by e-mail, phone or otherwise, we also process personal data such as your e-mail address, name, phone number and content / notes of the contact.

1.3. Accounts: We keep records of Accounts and activities via Accounts, for example log in data, created APPs, submitted and published APPs, and related payment data (‘Account Data’).

1.4. Website visit: When you visit the website, we process data that your browser sends to the Website as well as information on your surfing behaviour. This information consists of your IP-address; internet service provider; operating system; browser specifications; and data on your surfing such as date, time and duration of your visit; access point to the Website (direct, via a link or search machine); visited pages; click behaviour; used search terms and the like. We also use cookies to gather information on your surfing behaviour. For more information on that, please see the section on cookies below.

2. What do we use your data for?

2.1. In the first place, we use data to enable you to use the Website and all its functionalities, and to execute and enforce the User Agreements and the Terms, including collection of payments, submitting APPs to App Stores, etc.

2.2. We can also use your data to maintain contact with you, for example in case of questions or issues related to your Account or use of the Website. If you have indicated to want to receive our newsletter or other information updates, we will process your e-mail address or other contact details for this.

2.3. We can use your data to build interest and activities’ based profiles and to customize and personalize our communication with you, including advertisement. We may for example profile a Customer as a professional in the beauty industry or as a restaurant business, and show related advertisement or other content.

2.4. We may also process Account Data and other data on the use of the website for statistics to measure, visualize and improve the performance of our Services. The results of such statistics cannot be traced back to any individual and are fully anonymous.

2.5. We use cookies for analytic and retargeting purposes, as further described here below in the section on cookies.

2.6. We can also process personal data in the context of securing the Website and to prevent, detect and counteract unlawful use of the Website as well as for compliance with legal obligations, including administration obligations but also obligations in the context of investigations of competent authorities, court orders or clear infringements of intellectual property rights.

2.7. In case of complaints, other issues or conflicts, we can use your data for registration and handling thereof.

3. Cookies: analytics and retargeting

3.1. Analytics: We use Google Analytics to obtain insight in the use of the Website. In order for us to use these services, Google places cookies via our Website. For details on these cookies and their expiration term, see Google’s page on Analytics cookies. Based on the information Google gathers with these cookies, it generates aggregated reports (web statistics) for us relating to the use of our Website. Google can also include certain additional information of their own in those reports, such as affinity category (interest profile) of groups of Website visitors.

3.2. We use these aggregated reports to analyse the use of the Website and get a better picture of the visitors of our Website (audience- and market analysis); adapt the Website to our audience; improve navigation on the Website; solve errors; and by all this enhance the user experience on the Website.

3.3. We may also use cookies for A/B testing, to improve navigation on the Website.

3.4. Retargeting: We also use cookies for retargeting purposes, using Facebook retargeting (pixel) and Google retargeting. These are tracking cookies which are used to remember and recognise that you visited (certain pages on) our Website, which in turn can be used to show you targeted advertisements for our Website on Facebook and on other (third party) websites you visit. These cookies may also be used to register conversion, being whether a targeted advertisement has resulted in you returning to the Website; signing up for an Account; publishing an APP; or taking other action. This information can be used to determine the fees due for the relevant retargeting services.

3.5. Facebook provides some further information on its cookies and the retargeting pixel. Google provides some further information on retargeting and advertising.

3.6. Please note that apart from providing us with their services, Google and Facebook may also process the data gathered with their cookies for their own purposes. We have limited insight in and no control over this. For more information we refer to their own privacy documents: How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps; the Google privacy policy; and the Facebook cookie policy. These parties also have headquarters and other establishments outside of the European Economic Area and they may transfer data gathered with their cookies to such establishments.

3.7. Don’t want cookies? We do not have the option to turn off (certain) cookies on the Website. However, there are various ways for you to prevent that (tracking) cookies are placed on or read from your browser. You can opt-out from Google Analytics. Furthermore there are blocking services such as Disconnect and Ghostery. You can also adapt your cookie settings in your browser. On this possibility you can find more information on

3.8. Please do note, that when you block cookies, you may sometimes need to manually adapt your settings when visiting a website which (partly) doesn’t function without cookies. Blocking our cookies described above, however, will not impede your use of the Website. We nevertheless attach great value to these cookies, as without them, we would obtain less insight in our visitors and their actions on our Website, giving us less input to optimize the user experience. We would then also be unable to show you personalised advertisement for our Website outside of your Account.

4. Third parties

4.1. In providing the Website, we cooperate with third parties (suppliers / service providers). Such parties may need access to our systems or to certain data processed via the Website, in order for them to be able to provide their services. We limit this to the minimum necessary and make clear arrangements with regard to access and use of these data. Certain of these parties are data processors. They may only process the Website related personal data in as far as this is necessary for their services for us. In relation to cookies, Google and Facebook are involved, information thereon is included in the section on cookies, above.

4.2. In exceptional circumstances we can provide (personal or business) data to other third parties, if we consider this necessary to live up to legal obligations or to counteract (suspected) unlawful use of the Website.

4.3. We have included several links to third party websites, also in this privacy statement. We provide these links for information purposes only, as suggestions. We however have no control over and do not vouch for (the quality of) these websites, their services and the information available there.

5. Security

5.1. Once we have received your personal data, we do our utmost to ensure the security of your data and to protect them against loss and misuse. However we can never fully guaranty security as no data transmission over the internet is 100% secure. You yourself can also contribute to a safe transmission of data, for example by only logging into your Account with a secure connection and never via a public Wi-Fi.

6. Your rights and contact

6.1. You have the right of access and (if incorrect or incomplete) rectification of your personal data. In certain cases you also have the right to erasure of data, restriction of processing or the right to object based on your specific circumstances, if data processing is redundant or if we process your data in breach with statutory law.

6.2. When you are logged into your Account, you can access, review and amend your data there. If you want to exercise your rights in another way, or if you have a question, feedback, or complaint in relation to the processing of your personal data, please contact [] us. In order to prevent misappropriation of data and fraud, we may need to verify your identity before we can execute your request.

7. Personal data and business data

7.1. Your personal data is any information that can be related to you as an individual. As our Services are for business use only, a lot of data in relation to the Website, Accounts and the APPs therein do not qualify as personal data but as business data. These data relate to your company or organisation, not to you as an individual. However, if you have an Account as a one-man business, the difference between business and personal data may not be so clear. We want to be as transparent as possible, and therefore also included information in this privacy statement on the processing of data that will generally qualify as business data, not personal data.

8. Legal basis for processing

8.1. We process personal data based on (a) the execution of the User Agreement with you; (b) our legitimate interests in effectively providing, managing and marketing the Website and generating (advertising) revenue with it; and in certain cases based on (c) your informed consent or exceptionally (d) the necessity for complying with a legal obligation.

9. Amendments

9.1. We may update and amend this privacy statement from time to time and strive to inform our Customers thereof.

Last update: 13 September 2016